Meet The Artist


My name is Andrew Miles, I am a husband and father of two and live on the South coast – UK.  I am a Christian with a degree in Applied Theology from Moorlands Bible College.I am a cartoonist and illustrator.  I create a wide variety of cartoons but specifically focus on the cartoon God is Love.

I believe that God loves you very much and that he is not remote and wants to draw close to you. The cartoons I produce are not meant to be derogatory and are created to encourage and make the Bible relevant.


What can I do for you?

I can produce commissions for the God is Love format, with specific additional people and messages. These are produced on A4 paper using watercolours and permanent marker pens. These will range from £25 per picture depending on the specifics, negotiated at the planning stage. Timescales will also be discussed at the planning stage.

Other commissions will be considered by arrangement.


What can you do for me?

My main goal is to continue to produce videos, blogs and art to encourage people in their faith and to edify God. If you want to help me you can do this in a variety of ways;

  • Commission work from me.
  • Share my website, blogs and work with others.
  • Donate to the ongoing work on my website
  • Pray for my ongoing work and for inspiration.