If only we could meet with God, it would be Awesome. Is that it really possible? He can seem remote. We doubt if He is really there, or really here and that he really cares about us.

Why wGodHebrew 001ould God care about me?”

What I am about to tell you is both simple, and amazing, and I know, it will be relevant for you. Meeting with God is not impossible, this is a simple message on how you can meet with Him right now.

Very Big.

In the beginning God spoke, the power that was contained in those words brought everything we know into being, the World, the universe and everything within it. When we look at space, it is clearly very big.

We are Very Small

Let us consider how many people there are on the earth, and then there is you and I. We are just dots on a planet, planet Earth.


The Earth is Very Small

The Earth is a ‘great celestial orb’ (Quote from the original children’s animation ‘the Clangers’), it is a dot in the vast universe. When you consider the vast distances at play.  We  can glibly talk about light years.


Light travels so fast,  it can travel round the World 7 times in one second, only one second, how far is that in one year?


godblogsunThe Sun is 1 million times beginner than Earth and it is a comparatively small sun. So why would God care about us, a dot on a dot? Why with that huge universe would He care about Earth and you? Because he made the Earth and He made you, to commune and worship Him, and he loves you.


“Well that is great, but, he doesn’t know how I feel, what I have to go through, and what it means to be Human.

We Make Ourselves Biggodbigger

Often people make themselves big to intimidate and to assert their position. We make ourselves big even though we are small.

God Made Himself Small

God made himself small and His Son came among us as a human, giving up his divinity and power to meet us where we are at. He pointed us back to God and taught about having a relationship with God. In the beginning God created everything, He walked with Adam and Eve in the garden called Eden.  But Adam and Eve rejected God’s plan and chose to follow Satan’s plan, eating the fruit from the ‘Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil’. Sin and death came into the World.

Jesus took our sin on the cross for all of us, He died and then rose again after 3 days and went to be with God (father).


Jesus mediates with God on our behalf and provides a way back to God and a relationship with Him here on Earth and also in Heaven.
God loves you so much and has so much for you. If you ask Him into your life that is where you start. When we ask Jesus into our lives, His Holy Spirit comes to live in us and then we become bigger on the inside than on the outside.

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