God is Love – Focus

Is it time for you to have your spiritual eyes tested?

When you go to Godislove focus 001the optician you have to read the chart, and try different lenses. Which lense is the best for you?

In Babylon the ‘Children of Israel’ were held captive. Babylon couldn’t be defeated they were so powerful and protected by massive walls.

Belshazzar (read Daniel chapter 5) was the king of Babylon, he thought he was invincible, and arrogantly he drank from the cups he had plundered from the Temple in Jerusalem. He was focused on the treasure an
d on his own fame and power.

It was at this point that a hand appeared and wrote on the wall before him, “You have been weighed, measured and found wanting.” This got his attention, he asked Daniel to interpret it for him. Daniel was a Jewish slave with amazing spiritual insight and foresight, God’s man on the inside.

It was the fall of Babylon and
an amazing attack by Darius the Mede overtook the kingdom. Belshazzar did not honour God, he paid the price with his life and the fall of Babylon.

If you want to see God and know Him you have to give Him respect. If you want to truly know God and His heart for you, you have to focus on Him. You have to look through the correct lens.

When we look at the world from our perspective, our understanding and with our motives, we are not looking to Him, we are turning our backs.  We are looking at;

Money, power, science, tv, position and status, sex, possessions, fame.


To Focus on God you need to face God and give Him respect by;

Seeking God first before everything else.

Reading and knowing His word by reading the Bible.

Spend time talking to Him and listening to Him in prayer.

Making Jesus prominent your life, this is called magnifying Him.

Revealing  Him to others help them to focus too.
When we do these things and we learn to focus on God and on His will for our lives, we can see the unseen and beyond the chart. When we trust in Him he reveals His secrets and shows us His plans, like He did with Daniel. Can you see the writing on the wall and do you know what it says? Can you read the writing on the wall.

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