decision makingThe Power of Decision Making and Problem Solving

What is the Goal?
When seeking to work through problems or making decision, first of all you need to know what you want to achieve. You have to ask the right questions.

Exactly! said Deep Thought. So once you do know what the question actually is, you’ll know what the answer means. – Douglas Adams

What do you really want, and how will you know when you have it?

You may believe you know what the problem, but the solution may be hidden by your own beliefs, values and anchors. This can be as simple as not believing that you can’t overcome the problem and reinforcing idea, creating a stronghold.

  • So how do you achieve your goal?
  • How do you view the problem, going away from a negative outcome or going towards a positive outcome?

The stronger option is to move towards a positive outcome.

“I don’t want to fail!” The emphasis is on the fail, and so your subconscious is effectively being fed the negative outcome.

“I want to succeed!” The emphasis in on achieving success.

Some counsellors use negative reinforcement to overcome addictions. For instance with overeating, making chocolate taste like celery. Generally I do not subscribe such a position as it is something people enjoy and is fine in moderation.

With a clear goal, you can set targets in the process along the way to the final outcome. This enables you to map your progress and to adjust future goals accordingly.

Albert EinsteinChange

In order to achieve the result, you may need to change aspects of your life, and overcome limiting beliefs. Without change the result will be impossible to achieve, and failure will be inevitable. I will help you to transition from a position of failure, to a position of success.

Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Albert Einstein

Specifics – When? Where? Who?

Timescale- When do you want to achieve the goal or solve the problem? When in the context of other aspects in life?

Where does the change need to happen? What is the environment appropriate or that change?

Who is instrumental in that change? Who may make that change more difficult? Who do you associate with for increased success?

What Resources do you have?

One of the NLP Presuppositions is; “People already have their needed resources.” This may be true, however, my role is to enable you to access them. As a Christian I also believe that God provides the ultimate resources in decision making and problem solving.

For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength. Philippians 4:13
Ecology – What are the wider consequences?
Any change takes time and effort to achieve. It would be wrong to expect there to be a wave of a magic wand and everything will be resolved. Anything that has any worth requires work and whatever choice you make needs to be followed through to fruition.

When making changes others may be effected. Choices may require giving other things up.
Congruent (How we think, feel and behave need to be in harmony) Our actions should be in conflict with who we are.
Making the correct choices can change your quality of life, and ultimately your future. Your time with me will help you to make those choices. To plan a clear strategy for a successful outcome.

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